Affiliate Program

  •  P.S for the old affiliate program since now it's not working please contact to check your commissions, you can either get cash or exchange store credit! (5th,May 2015)
  •  Link to know more about sponsorship
  • For affiliate who promote us a lot we will increase your commission from 4-10%, so work hard and enjoy cash!


Everyone can join our affiliate program for free!

 1. First, Register from here



2. Get the affiliate link

Get a link like that


3. Start to promote and Earn Commission!



  • Want to promote certain items? No problem


Login in refersion page, click  Generate a Custom Link


at the same time, open up the URL you want to promote and copy the link like below

Make sure copy after the .com

Link example:


Don't forget the "/" at the beginning!


then paste the Link to the box



and done, get the unique URL to certain items to promote


wanna help?


  • Where can I login in?

You can login in here


  • How Can I get the money?

We will pay via paypal, get a paypal account for free. at least 10$ for the commission sale we will send over the money, or you can choose exchange as store credit


  • I don't want cash, can I exchange store credit?

Sure you can! just email to us we will exchange for you, there is extra 30% credit on top of your commission.

Let's say you made 100$ sales, commission is 4$ (4%), if you wanna exchange as store credit, that will be 4 X 130% =5.2  $ Store credit


  • What are the best websites to promote your items?

From Our experience, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pintrest, Wanelo, LookBook and write your own blog would be a great way to promote

  • How about Youtube?

Youtube is good way too but you need better skills to edit the video and have enough content to show audience. If you are a new beginner I will suggest above platforms would be better.


Do you have any suggestion to create the content for my audience while promoting?

  1.  Daily or weekly OOTD pictures with our items would be a great way
  2. Make the fashion style pick, be the fashion expert, make a theme OOTD
  3. Edit the picture better(You guys did it way better than us!)
  4. Write lovely worlds but remember to put your own feeling on it as well, do not just show photos, tell or explain how you feel about the ootd
  5. Below are some examples for you to make OOTD pictures/Post


Thanks to Luly! Owner of PastelCube

see the example OOTD post she wrote for us, Link here


It will take quite a while to build up your followers but god know how hard you work you will be rewarded for sure! 


Thank you and good luck!


SpreePicky Team

5th,May, 2015