Dark Academia Clothing

What's the difference between dark academia and light academia?

Light academia conjures up images of spring morning picnics with homemade pastries and dancing in white flowy cotton, while dark academia conjures up images of late fall reading by candlelight in an ivy-covered brick edifice.

How do I become dark academia?

A complete fashion guide to the dark academic look

  • Fashion requirements for a dark academic aesthetic. Academia Blouses - Look for collared blouses, mock neck blouses, ruffles, lace details, or classic decorations on blouses that give off a retro atmosphere.
  • Fashion basics for today's gloomy academia. Academia Slip dresses can be worn over solids like tees and turtlenecks for a more dressed-up look.
  • Accessorize for a dark academic look. Scarves - At all costs, avoid brightly colored patterns and wacky printed scarves. Traditional ancestral jewelry is the best of all.

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Dark Academia Clothing

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