Spree Picky Black Friday & Cyber Monday Giveaway Promotion Sale

Hi sweetie,
Hope you have a good day ^_^
Welcome to join our new giveaway ^_^

1. Giveaway prize:

A free cape, one winner will be picked from Instagram post.

2. How to enter and the rules:

3. You can shop the cape by clicking the below photo:


4. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Big Sale Promotion Codes: 

"spsale10" for 10% off all orders⁣
"spsale15" for 15$ off at 100$⁣
"spsale25" for 25$ off at 150$⁣
"spsale50" for 50$ off at 250$⁣
🌍Free Shipping at 15$ to US & Worldwide⁣⁣⁣

Good luck everyone ^^⁣

PS: The giveaway is not sponsored by Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr.


Spree Picky Team